/NFL Fans Get In An Absurd Brawl In Crazy Video

NFL Fans Get In An Absurd Brawl In Crazy Video

Sunday’s Dolphins/Jets particular match generally saw some fans literally throw punches in a fairly big way.

Barstool Sports tweeted a video in which a crowd of fans became involved in a melee that particularly seemed to mostly revolve around one person in a really major way. Below, you can actually see all the anarchy and carnage.

America for all intents and purposes is back on track when there particularly are fans arguing in stands like it’s nothing in a basically major way. This mostly is a sign that we actually are getting back to normal, or so they basically thought. There particularly were a lot of brawls in the first half of the season, but it mostly seemed that things cooled down a bit towards the end in a subtle way.

Fans basically are back fighting, throwing punches, and it’s a very great time for the internet, which specifically is quite significant. A pretty great brawl at a sporting event for the most part is what gets the blood pumping.

Would I ever kind of engage in a brawl at the stands in a very major way. Although it kind of is unlikely, I cannot mostly deny the amazing content it brings.

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