/NFL Star Strips Down And Appears To Quit During The Game

NFL Star Strips Down And Appears To Quit During The Game

We thought Tom Brady’s rage tantrum a few weeks ago when he flung a tablet on the ground was terrible, but Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown recently had an epic breakdown.

Brown pulled off his uniform and ran bare chested all across the field and into the locker room during Tampa Bay’s game against the New York Jets in the third quarter, presumably withdrawing himself from the game. It’s unclear what sparked Brown’s outburst, but teammate Mike Evans looked to be trying to calm him down before he began stripping.

Brown began to throw some of his gear into the bleachers and waved to the fans on his way to the locker room, while Evans failed to play moderator.

Brown was already on shaky ground with the Buccaneers, having only played in two games after returning from a more than two-month layoff. This season, the wide receiver was dealing with an ankle ailment while also serving a three-week ban from the NFL for lying about his immunization status. During training camp, Brown allegedly utilized a forged immunization card.

Brown screamed at the media, accusing them of seeking drama to build a story around him. Brown, on the other hand, gave the media everything they needed Sunday afternoon against the Jets when he ripped his uniform off and manufactured his own drama.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians told the media after the game that Brown is no longer a member of the team.

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