/Texas Sheriff Says Bad Parents Are Responsible For The Lawless Youth

Texas Sheriff Says Bad Parents Are Responsible For The Lawless Youth

A Texas Sheriff reprimanded the parents of the unlawful youth, based on The Daily Wire.

Throckmorton County Sheriff Doc Wigington said, “In the news cycle over the last few weeks have been stories of young people being shot by police in some type of altercation or another.”

“The public is quick to jump on the officers involved stating a need for more training, better de-escalation tactics, and possibly shooting the subject in the leg.”

“When the use of deadly force is warranted that is exactly what it is DEADLY FORCE, not flesh wound force, not any other words to describe it just deadly force.”

“Officers have to make decisions of life and death in a matter of seconds that [attorneys], judges, and the general public can debate for years and possibly forever. It is easy to post an opinion on social media as to ‘how I would have handled it.”

“On de-escalation tactics, these only work once the subject is willing to listen and not in a rage.”

“Just like when we as parents had a kid throwing a match, they wouldn’t listen well the same goes for adults.”


“Parents should take responsibility for the activities of the FAILURE to raise their child to be respectful, responsible and listen to authority figures.”

“Little tip…sometimes your child isn’t right and needs to be disciplined. Jumping on teachers, coaches etc.. Their life gives the kids a feeling they can do no wrong and they do not have to comply with authority figures.”

“Parents need to be parents to their children not their best friends.”

“So help your child, be a parent, teach them manners, responsibility, how to work, respect for themselves and respect for others.”

“We’ve gotten away from treating others as we need to be treated we need to go back to that soon. From the time that Law Enforcement needs to get involved in your child’s life its usually past time to be a parent.”

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