/Smash And Grabs Prompt Retail Demand For Increased Security

Smash And Grabs Prompt Retail Demand For Increased Security

According to one security professional, a spate of planned retail robberies conducted by gangs of criminals who frequently ransack stores for thousands of dollars worth of product in a matter of minutes has caused firms to raise demand for private security.

Businesses are struggling to cope with the spike in thefts over the Christmas season, according to Brian Neimeyer, senior vice president of Allied’s retail division, which supplies security people and technology to a variety of sectors, including retail shops and shopping malls.

The bold risks taken by gangs of criminals who have been spotted emptying stores for jewels, luxury clothing, and other items in recent months, typically with the goal of reselling the products, have been highlighted in videos posted across all social media and considerable media attention. The cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco have been particularly heavily struck.

A Nordstrom in the Bay Area was robbed for more than $200,000 in merchandise in one event. In another incident, a security worker at a Los Angeles mall was attacked with bear spray.

Authorities in Oakland, California, said that roaming armed caravans arrive at establishments, burgle them, and immediately escape just within minutes.

To try to counteract these smash-and-grab serious crimes, authorities are employing high-resolution video cameras. According to Neimeyer, the cameras may fully capture actions inside businesses and in parking lots, including license plate number scanning. Authorities also keep an eye on social media, since this is where many of the smash and grabs take place.

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