/Trouble Looms as Woke NYC is Making Police Leave in Thousands

Trouble Looms as Woke NYC is Making Police Leave in Thousands

The ability of New York City to maintain a sizable police force and maintain public safety and security is called into doubt because over a thousand police officers have submitted papers to leave the agency in 2022.

Former New York Police Department detective Jason Caputo and Blue Lives Matter NYC founder Joe Imperatrice discussed the flight of law enforcement and stated that there are no longer any incentives for joining the force in the Big Apple on Monday’s episode of “Fox & Friends First.”

Caputo said to guest presenter Ashley Strohmier, “You’re losing qualified people, you’re losing experience, and you’re losing so much,” when it comes to those kinds of things.

One month after ending his 18 years of service, the ex-detective made these comments at a time when other members of the exodus are also quitting their employment before receiving their full pensions.

According to Caputo, the city is abandoning its practice of pressuring police to make arrests. Additionally, he said that the NYPD and municipal officials are endangering both police personnel and victims.

Strohmier changed the subject to the diaphragm statute in New York City, which prohibits security staff from choking suspects or applying pressure to their diaphragms. Ro Malabanan, a fighter in mixed martial arts, was cited as an example. Malabanan attempted to hold a criminal person of interest against the ground, which assisted in his downfall.

Both Imperatrice and Caputo claimed that police officers are risking everything to carry out their responsibilities amid a hostile environment for law enforcement.

As the conversation continued, Caputo clarified that there were no recruitment bonuses offered by the NYPD in response to Strohmier’s question. He continued by saying that he wouldn’t actually suggest this employment to that many people now days.

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