/Trump Claims the FBI Stole Something Else During the Raid

Trump Claims the FBI Stole Something Else During the Raid

President Trump said on Truth Social that investigators “stole my three Passports” during their hours-long treasure search across the previous president’s residence, in addition to the things mentioned on the receipt for property from the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago last Monday.

When a person under investigation is charged with a crime and is judged a flight risk who is likely to try to evade punishment, police frequently take their passports. Despite the fact that the FBI allegedly took hold of three of Trump’s passports, including one that was already expired, the FBI has not yet charged Trump with any crimes in this matter.

At the time of publishing, neither the FBI nor the Justice Department had responded to Trump’s claim or provided additional details about what investigators had taken from Mar-a-Lago or if passports had been gathered in one of the boxes mentioned.

The raid warrant and property receipt were ultimately made public on Friday after the DOJ filed to unseal them. The property receipt, which Christina Bobb, an attorney for Donald Trump, has signed, lists the items that were taken from Mar-a-Lago.

Passports aren’t mentioned anywhere, and the boxes’ contents aren’t either, which raises additional doubts about what the FBI actually took in addition to the boxes of documents that were purportedly secret and shouldn’t have been brought to Mar-a-Lago.

Vespa investigated some of the circulating speculations regarding what the FBI really took during the search and if any papers or materials protected by the executive or attorney-client privilege were among the items taken.

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