/Twix’s Trans ‘Princess Boy’ Halloween Ad Pushes Not-so-Subtle Message

Twix’s Trans ‘Princess Boy’ Halloween Ad Pushes Not-so-Subtle Message

The new Twix commercial, which is Halloween-themed, features a cross-dressing child. It conveys the message that it’s okay to be different and that things can turn violent for those who disagree.

The Daily Wire reported that the video titled “BITE SIZE Halloween” caused social media users to fume on Wednesday.

The video is two minutes long and features a young boy dressed in a princess dress opening his front door to discover a witch-looking goth. He is then told she is his nanny.

Two girls from the nearby neighborhood question the boy later, as he is still wearing the costume, while he plays with the soccer ball in his front yard. It “isn’t Halloween yet.” They are not answered by the boy. He looks at them and picks up his ball. Then he runs in the other direction.

The boy and the witch are in the car together. She asks him if his buckle is on. He replied, “I’m still wearing the princess dress.”

She responds, “Do you want to wear it?” and he nods his head in the affirmative. She quietly says, “OK.”

Next, the boy is playing soccer in a park when a larger boy with a cape shouts “Hey, Princess!” You look like a girl. “Why are you wearing this?”

As the young boy looks at the witch, he replies, “Dressing like this makes me feel good.” The bigger boy responds that he and his nanny “look weird.” The young boy answers, “No, we’re just different.”

The Daily Wire took note of what happened next. It suggests that violence against minors can be a reasonable response to a differing point of view on transgender ideology.

The witch uses her magic and creates a windstorm to blow away the larger boy. The wind storm is so strong, he is blown out of his frame and the cape that he was wearing to protect him falls to the ground.

As they are leaving the park, the young boy asks the witch, “Will he come back?” And the witch answers, “Yeah, probably.”

CBN News reviewed the video and posted it to Twitter. The ad states that it was presented by Twix and ends with a Happy Halloween message with a Twix logo at the end. However, the commercial does not show Twix candy bars or mention Twix candy bars.


The video was retweeted by Libs Of Tik Tok. A popular social media account, they shared a simple message. This Halloween advertisement was sponsored by Twix.

Users quickly reacted in anger and it was immediately criticized.

Chris Buskirk (editor of the conservative journal American Greatness) warned that “they want your children and will stop at nothing for them.”

One user replied, “I watched it and I don’t understand what it has to do with Twix.”

Conservative pundit and blogger Samuel Sey, tweeted, “This ad supports two separate kinds of child abuse.”

Another user noted, “You see kids, the way to handle intolerance is with violence.  Advertisers have targeted kids for decades but it’s not about just selling stuff anymore.”

A user who goes by the name The Occidental Jihadist but who identifies as a Christian, a Republican and a former Army vet with a doctorate in history replied, “I have always thought my Evangelical friends who decried the demonic aspects of popular American culture were overstating the case. No longer. THIS is truly demonic.” 

Another user pointed out four things about the ad:

  • lack of parents 
  • wearing a costume on top of normal clothes without any guidance from parents 
  • thinking violence is appropriate response to words sounds about right for the left
  • don’t be fooled, they are obsessed with violence – it’s just rarely actually directed at them.

Best-selling author J.D. Vance, who’s currently a candidate running for a Senate seat in Ohio, retweeted the video, writing, “These people ruin everything.”

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