/Watch: Paul Pelosi’s DUI Dashcam Video Released Hours After Guilty Plea

Watch: Paul Pelosi’s DUI Dashcam Video Released Hours After Guilty Plea

Just hours after entering a guilty plea to a DUI charge on Tuesday, authorities have made roadside film of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband slurring his words after a drunken collision in California available.

The dashcam footage captures Paul Pelosi, 82, being questioned by California Highway Patrol shortly after the collision on May 28 in Napa, which wounded another driver.

Pelosi can be heard saying to an officer in the footage that he had a glass of champagne and a drink of white wine before supper.

Additionally, he admitted to authorities that he began drinking at 7 p.m. and stopped about an hour later.

After the accident, a DUI test revealed that he had a blood alcohol level of.082%.

After 10 p.m., police responded to the collision. said that the other driver, who was hurt, was located outside an SUV while Pelosi was inside his 2021 Porsche Carrera.

Officers said at the time that Pelosi was wobbly on his feet, had slurred speech, and smelled strongly of alcohol.

Pelosi provided the 11-99 Foundation card, which helps CHP workers and their families, and his driver’s license when requested for identification, according to the police.

After Pelosi entered a guilty plea to one DUI offense in Napa County Superior Court on Tuesday morning through his counsel, the dash cam footage came to light.

The plea agreement includes a three-year probationary period for him. Pelosi will receive credit for four days of the five days of jail time that are required as part of his probation, according to Judge Joseph Solga.

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