/Wild Video Shows Woman Ram Cop Cruiser To Infiltrate Police Headquarters

Wild Video Shows Woman Ram Cop Cruiser To Infiltrate Police Headquarters

Unusual footage captures an Arizona lady slamming a police car into the Mesa Police Department’s offices. The policeman is shown on bodycam footage interacting with the female motorist who had been stalking the officer.

The Mesa Police Department this week revealed bodycam video and footage from security cameras from a chaotic “critical incident” that occurred on July 9. Because there was an officer-involved shooting, the police made video footage available to the public.

9 o’clock p.m. Driving along, an officer became aware that a white SUV had been following him for some time. The car’s danger lights were flashing. Although he had been sent to a call, the officer decided to return to the Mesa Police Department’s main office because he was more worried about the intentions of the motorist.

The white SUV crashes the police cruiser as he approaches the headquarters’ gate to gain access to the fortified building.

The officer barrel rolls out of his police car as the SUV rams the car into a curb out of fear for his safety. The officer rolls after colliding with the ground, pulls his gun, and shoots.

The cop rushes to hide behind a forensics department vehicle with his revolver pulled, where he meets a crime scene investigator.

The lady can be seen getting out of the SUV on the bodycam video as the cop opens fire on her.

As she hits the ground, she starts to roll in the direction of the security gate. To capture the suspect and treat her gunshot wound, which is thought to have happened as the officer leaped out of the vehicle, backup cops arrive on the scene.

Taneysha Shari Carter, 39, was eventually revealed to be the suspect. After being brought to a nearby hospital, she was subsequently discharged.

She was accused with third-degree trespass and aggravated assault with a hazardous object (her automobile).

According to court filings, Carter told investigators that she thinks the government, the military, and an organization she called the Illuminati are out to get her. This information was earlier published by Arizona’s Family News. She asserts that she was attempting to grab the officer’s attention in order to provide him with this information. Carter said that she believed the policeman recognized her.

The source also stated that Carter was held by Mesa Police in 2020 due to mental health issues.

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