/Young Minneapolis Family Carjacked At Gunpoint Inside Home Garage

Young Minneapolis Family Carjacked At Gunpoint Inside Home Garage

Several carjacking suspects, perhaps adolescents, are accused of holding a gun to her boyfriend’s head in their family garage, according to a Minneapolis lady.

The suspects forced their way into the family’s garage before the lady’s boyfriend could lock the door and demanded his vehicle keys and iCloud password, which he couldn’t recall, according to the woman.

The man, however, could not remember his iCloud password. This resulted to the teens punching him in the face with the gun pointed at him. Sadly, the incident was witnessed by their kids who can see the whole thing from their back door.

Security camera footage acquired by FOX 9 from a carjacking incident on Dec. 18 shows at least four young males and a fifth person, maybe a lady, approaching the young family’s house in their getaway SUV.

The Minneapolis Police Department has reported 75 carjackings, or auto thefts involving occupied automobiles, thus far in December 2021.

The Department has logged 417 total car theft instances in December. According to local crime data, Minneapolis police documented more than 4,000 total vehicle theft occurrences in the year 2021.

She went on to say that she believes the high number of carjackings in the region is an indication of some severe problems in Minneapolis, as well as the city’s lack of assistance for these children and the poor.

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