/Biden Says Wildfires Are Being Caused By Global Warming

Biden Says Wildfires Are Being Caused By Global Warming

“Because of a combination of extreme drought, the driest period from June to December ever recorded – unusually high winds, no snow on the ground to start, created a tinderbox, a literal tinderbox. We can’t ignore the reality that these fires are being supercharged. They’re being supercharged by a change in the weather,” Biden said after touring the fire damage with local and state officials and first lady Jill Biden in Louisville, Colorado.

“And every day we delay, the cost of inaction increases,” Biden continued, adding the climate crisis is “a challenge of our collective lifetimes.”

Biden cautioned that climate change poses an existential danger to human existence as we know it during a speech at the United Nations’ COP26 meeting in November, and apologized for former President Trump’s departure from the Paris climate agreement.

In December, Biden utilized the sorrow of the deadly tornadoes that decimated areas of the South and Midwest to showcase his own views on climate change.

At the time, Biden was questioned if the storms were caused by climate change.

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