/Biden Slammed For Remarks On School Tragedy

Biden Slammed For Remarks On School Tragedy

Late Tuesday, Democrat President Joe Biden was chastised for politicizing a school shooting that occurred earlier in the day in Uvalde, Texas.

The number of students slain in the Robb Elementary School tragedy increased to 19 late Tuesday when an 18-year-old man entered the facility and opened fire before being shot and killed by a US Border Patrol agent.

President Joe Biden lost no time in politicizing the tragedy, calling on the country to confront the gun lobby and take action. He dismissed the idea that an adult could stroll into a gun store and purchase two sports rifles. He incorrectly said that all you need to kill is an assault rifle.

The President then attempted to make a joke by claiming that deers do not rush through the woods wearing Kevlar vests.

Following the incident, President Joe Biden’s comment and insensitivity was widely criticized on news and social media.

Political Strategist Andrew Surabian commented,  “Bodies are still warm and Joe Biden rushes to politicize a tragedy in record time.”

President Joe Biden was singled out for his disrespectful remark during his address.

“Why is he always making this stupid nonsensical joke, especially after a tragedy like this? What is wrong with this guy? ,” tweeted Alan Bayer, an IT Systems Security and Forensic Specialist.

Radio personality Jason Rantz tweeted,  “Joe Biden cannot help but use that stupid, lazy, inappropriate gun joke about deer in Kevlar vests. What a disgraceful moment in this inappropriately political speech. But yeah, he’s the unifier-in-chief.”

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