/Chicago Mayor Calls Texas Gov. Racist For Busing Migrants To Chicago

Chicago Mayor Calls Texas Gov. Racist For Busing Migrants To Chicago

During a press conference on Thursday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot made a tough remark about Texas Governor Greg Abbott busing migrants to her city before making a joke about renting the buses the next time.

Lightfoot launched a barrage of insults at Abbott during the outburst, accusing him of exploiting the refugees as a political gimmick.

“With these continued political stunts, Gov. Abbot has confirmed what unfortunately many of us had already known, that he is a man without any morals, humanity, or shame. Instead of treating these individuals with respect that they deserve,” she continued, “the due process that our laws require, Gov. Abbott chose instead to inhumanely load them onto buses, send them on a more than 12-hour journey across a country that they don’t know, and to drop them off without any regard to what the next steps are.”

Abbott has been transporting people into Texas from Mexico on buses to New York City and Washington, DC, whose Democrat mayors have allegedly created sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

Lightfoot continued by labeling his busing as xenophobic and racist. Before joking that she would charter the buses for more migrants the following time, she humiliated the bus operators for complying with the order she considered harsh.

Lightfoot continued to criticize Texas and draw a link between migrant busing and abortion rights.

Lightfoot’s fans laughed and applauded her as she promised to do what she later described as racist, cruel, and anti-American.

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