/Sick Children to Be Evicted From Hospital Over Vaxx Status

Sick Children to Be Evicted From Hospital Over Vaxx Status

If sick children and their parents do not receive the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the month, they will be evicted by a Canadian charity. The decision was made to protect other residents, according to Ronald McDonald House.

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMH) is an Illinois-based organization that helps sick children and their families. Families that want to be near their child’s hospital can stay at one of the organization’s 368 houses across the world. Two of the organization’s Canadian sections have announced that residents who have not been vaccinated against COVID may be evicted.

Aaron Furgason, whose 4-year-old child is in a Vancouver, British Columbia, hospital with leukemia, shared a video to social media on January 12 showing him debating the new rule with the management of the RMH. The management claims in the video that the move was made to protect everyone in the house. Furgason disagrees, pointing out that even persons who have been vaccinated can spread COVID.

The charity, on the other hand, is not backing down. Journalists in Canada have obtained a copy of a letter from RMH British Columbia and Yukon, which states that the vaccine mandate goes into force on January 17 and that everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated yet has until January 31, less than two weeks away, to get at least one injection. If they don’t, they’ll be forced to leave the house and face a Canadian winter.

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