/Gas Prices Explode Across Deep Blue Northeast

Gas Prices Explode Across Deep Blue Northeast

Gas prices are skyrocketing, with areas like Democrat-controlled Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware all seeing all-time highs.

In Philadelphia, a gallon of gas costs $4.64, which is 14 cents more than the statewide average.

Pennsylvania charges $4.50, New Jersey $4.47, and Delaware $4.40.

Drivers throughout the country are paying $4.32 for a gallon of unleaded gasoline, up $1.36 from a year earlier.

In only one year, gas prices have risen by about $1.50 per gallon! That’s some major economic hardship, especially for individuals who have to drive a lot for work or life, and it’s a price hike that will cut into savings and wallets even more.

And gasoline is inexpensive compared to diesel, which, according to the same story, hit an all-time high of $5.54. The most shocking aspect of the tale is the price hike, which is striking truck drivers in the wallet and either driving up shipping prices or pushing them closer to financial ruin.

Meanwhile, Team Biden has mostly focused its efforts on blaming Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin for rising gas prices, while doing nothing to fight the problem.

“And today, many people all across the world are refusing to buy Russian oil. I imposed a restriction on Russian oil imports into the United States, which was backed by Republicans and Democrats in Congress. It was the proper decision. But, as I already stated, there will be a cost. As Russian oil leaves the global market, supply decreases and prices rise.”

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