/Nearly One in Four Democrats Say Men Can Get Pregnant

Nearly One in Four Democrats Say Men Can Get Pregnant

Online polling was done by WPAi Intelligence from August 22–25. And over a quarter of Democrats agreed with the following.

Few Americans believe that guys can become pregnant in general. However, it is understandable why Democratic leaders support the radical gender theory movement given that 36% of a core Democratic base and one in five Democratic voters hold this opinion.

It is undoubtedly being discussed above all other cultural concerns. It’s strange that the Biden administration has gone fully trans.

Joe Biden won a seat in the US Senate in 1972. Congress. Age-wise, he was 29. From 1973 through 2009, he served as the senator for Delaware. He hasn’t spoken a word in the last 36 years that even hinted at the existence of people who identify as the other sex. In his eight years as vice president, he didn’t either.

In terms of the question of whether males can give birth, science may have the answer.

Men may conceive and give birth to their own offspring, thus it is feasible. In actuality, it happens a lot more frequently than you may imagine. We’ll need to dispel some common misconceptions regarding how we define the term “man” in order to clarify. Not all individuals who were assigned male at birth (AMAB) identify as males. They are guys who identify as “cisgender.” On the other hand, some persons who have a female gender assignment at birth (AFAB) identify as men. These persons might be transmasculine or “transgender” guys.

Men may become pregnant and have abortions; this is a scientific and medical reality. Non-binary people and trans guys are human beings who ought to be accepted by society. They decide for themselves who they are—not you, not I, not a doctor, and most definitely not a politician.

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