/VP Harris Implodes As Approval Rating Tanks Following Recent Gaffes

VP Harris Implodes As Approval Rating Tanks Following Recent Gaffes

Despite her poll numbers plunging, Vice President Kamala Harris stated that Americans got what they wanted during remarks on Saturday.

During a Democratic National Committee meeting over the weekend, Harris made the remarks.

“Our task is to show people that in many ways they got what they ordered. Right? They said this is what they wanted…so let’s get out there as we do and remind them of that,” Harris stated.

But many Americans see something significantly different than they requested, with many Democrats who voted for President Joe Biden in 2020.

During his most recent speech on Thursday, Biden made remarks that appeared to be distant from reality.

“We have a record — a record to be proud of; an agenda that addresses the biggest concerns here in America, in people’s lives; the message that resonates,” he said.

The reality that Americans face is very different from what Biden and Harris have said. Rather than a proud history, the country is grappling with rising inflation, record gas costs, open immigration, growing crime, and foreign policy failures.

The president’s and vice president’s tragic fictitious narratives match a worldview that just does not exist in reality.

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