/New Year Brings Renewed Talks About Student Loan Debt

New Year Brings Renewed Talks About Student Loan Debt

The issue of student loan debt is becoming increasingly important in the progressive attitude directed at Vice President Joe Biden.

During Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020, he told his supporters that if he was elected, he would eliminate student loan debt. Biden made it clear that he sympathized with people who are unable to pay their bills because they owe money to the government.

Candidate Biden and President Biden, on the other hand, have completely different perspectives on the subject. While the campaign looked sympathetic to his supporters and dedicated to eliminating student debt, the president is effectively suggesting that those who owe college debt are on their own.

The 46th president has imposed a moratorium on student loan payments several times, but the loans itself are still alive and well.

Senator Chuck Schumer, the majority leader in the Senate, began the new year by urging President Biden and Vice President Harris to forgive student loan debt. Schumer isn’t the only one who thinks this way.

Other legislators, like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Ayanna Pressley, have been pressuring the Biden administration to cancel student debts that people voluntarily took out.

Biden has more than enough executive power, according to progressives, to achieve their demands and eradicate student debt.

The Biden administration, on the other hand, argues that Congress will eventually have to execute the student loan debt relief that the president promised his supporters.

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