/US Woman Arrested in Alleged Cartel Cash Smuggling Attempt

US Woman Arrested in Alleged Cartel Cash Smuggling Attempt

A California woman faces federal currency smuggling charges after allegedly attempting to transport more than $114,000 into Mexico by taxis. The cash was allegedly hidden in the woman’s handbag and outerwear.

A federal grand jury indicted Rosa Maria Zuniga Sagrero, a 26-year-old California woman who was living in Atlanta at the time. Zuniga is charged with one count of bulk cash smuggling in the criminal indictment. Despite the fact that Zuniga’s arraignment was planned for Wednesday, he waived the hearing and entered a not guilty plea. Since early May, the lady has been free on a $50,000 bail.

The case began on April 24, when Zuniga Sagrero attempted to cross the border in a cab from Texas, according to a criminal complaint filed by the United States. The Attorney’s Office was made public. The taxi was then dispatched for a secondary check by Customs and Border Protection officers. Zuniga Sagrero denied carrying any guns, ammo, or cash worth more than $10,000 when questioned. CBP officials, on the other hand, searched the woman and discovered three bundles of cash totalling $114,294.

Cash smuggling is frequent in border cities, where cartels hire people to transport their money. Individuals who go outside the United States with more than $10,000 must comply with federal law.

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