/Zero Bail Policy Under Scrutiny As Thieves Are Released Immediately

Zero Bail Policy Under Scrutiny As Thieves Are Released Immediately

Remember when was a major news story that a thief filled a garbage bag in San Francisco Walgreens with stolen goods and then rode off without being stopped or apprehended. How quaint. The stakes have risen dramatically now and criminals are stealing more while still receiving the same soft penalties.

Los Angeles is the latest example of a soft-on-crime stance. 14 thieves who stole $340,000 worth of goods in the smash and grab lootings were freed almost immediately by the insane “zero bail” policy.

This might seem so shocking, it’s even causing leftists to scream in frustration and wonder. The Daily Mail reports this on Mayor Eric Garcetti’s response. Many consider Garcetti to be one of the people responsible for the “zero bail” policy, which allowed these rabid looters to escape without delay.

Moore and Garcetti announced the arrests at a joint news conference. They called for an end of a no-bail policy that was in place for certain defendants to reduce overcrowding in Los Angeles County jails due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Garcetti stated that with the pandemic subsiding, it is time to open new prisons for criminals who have committed violent acts and put store workers in danger.

Like Psaki, Garcetti seems to place some of the blame for anarchy in his domain on the “pandemic”. Here are the details about Garcetti’s absurd zero bail policy, provided by DailyWire.

A statewide policy of imposing $0 bail on misdemeanors or lower-level felonies in California was ended by the Democrats last year.

“You can be arrested for a crime like a burglary, which is a serious felony… that’s zero bail meaning that we book, process, and identify you and then your day of arraignment is three to four months from now,” stated Chief Moore, LAPD.

Americans don’t buy it and are pissed at the fact that criminals are being allowed to return to the streets.

This is especially true when you consider the organized crime component of mass looting. According to the Daily Mail, looters often steal goods on purpose. These items are then resold online by drug dealers or other criminals.

Officials and security experts agree that organized crime networks are responsible in large-scale retail thefts. They pay low-level, young crooks $500-1000 to steal certain items for resale online.

In one case Federal prosecutors have stated that Robert Whitley (70) from Atlanta hired recovering drug addicts in order to steal more than 140,000 products from Target, CVS, and Publix. He then resold them on Amazon, making $3.5 million in profit

We are now back at the core of the matter: Los Angeles’ smash-and-grab lootings. Many thousands of goods were taken. Many thugs were able to enrich themselves by breaking into stores, stealing display cases and windows, as well as assaulting staff. One security guard was even killed.

The policy allowed a few suspects to be caught and then let them go for free. The police now have no one to question, no goods to retrieve, and store owners don’t see justice. This is a sickening example of leftist rule.

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