/Biden Works to Distance Himself from Defund the Police Movement

Biden Works to Distance Himself from Defund the Police Movement

The “Defund the Police” campaign is absolutely dominated by the Democratic Party. Democrats have concluded that decreasing funding for numerous police forces across the country is a good idea since 2020.

As a result, homicides, rapes, robberies, carjackings, and other crimes have increased dramatically. Cities with underfunded police agencies are setting new records for the number of crimes committed.

A year ago, the White House attempted to deflect political anger by putting the defunding of law enforcement on Republicans. But it didn’t work; all it did was highlight how badly Democrats have failed in their crusade against police enforcement.

Biden made a point of separating himself from his party’s “Defund the Police” agenda when he visited crime-ridden New York City yesterday.

The president visited New York City on Thursday. The goal of this trip was to meet with Democrat Mayor Eric Adams to discuss the community’s gun violence problem. Following the assassinations of many police officers in New York City, this meeting was convened.

Biden made a point of emphasizing the need of communities and law enforcement working together to ensure general public safety.

Instead of defunding the police, the president would argue that properly training and funding policemen is the solution. Later, Biden made it a point to call for more mental health professionals and social workers to be present in specific instances.

The city of New York is currently preparing to terminate police officers who have not been vaccinated against COVID. Mayor Eric Adams is allowing this to happen while claiming to be concerned about crime in his town.

Both Adams and Biden are pushing for stricter gun laws at all levels of government. New York City has no gun manufacturers and some of the strictest firearms laws in the country.

The fact that none of this has reduced crime should serve as a wake-up call for Democrats, yet they continue to be blind to the larger context.

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