/Texas Middle School Teacher Quits After Setting Student’s Hand On Fire

Texas Middle School Teacher Quits After Setting Student’s Hand On Fire

According to the school district, a 12-year-old Texas kid had third-degree burns as a result of a science class experiment gone bad, which resulted in the reacher’s resignation.

A teacher at Granbury Middle School has resigned and is no longer employed by the district. This comes after a kid was hurt during a science class experiment on Friday.

The case has been turned over to law authorities for investigation, according to the statement.

According to the Granbury Police Department, the 37-year-old instructor used hand sanitizer on the student’s hand and lit it on fire as part of the scientific experiment.

This was apparently done with other pupils many times during the day without problem, however the student in question had possibly 3rd-degree burns on his hands. According to Granbury Lt. Russell Grizzard, the event is under investigation and will be presented to the District Attorney’s Office for consideration.

A kid was injured during a scientific experiment and was treated by medical personnel, according to an earlier tweet from the school system.

When the investigation into the event is finished, police will submit it to the district attorney.

The youngster was rushed to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth for treatment before being moved to Parkland Memorial Hospital’s Burn Center in Dallas. Further information concerning the child’s burns was unavailable.

Third-degree burns, according to Grizzard, may be fairly dangerous.  “Right now, I don’t know the degree of the student’s burns; we’ll learn more when we speak with them again and obtain medical data.”

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