/Dem Bill Would Force Christian Doctors To Perform Abortions Against Beliefs

Dem Bill Would Force Christian Doctors To Perform Abortions Against Beliefs

Religious freedom groups say that a plan proposed by Democrats in the aftermath of the leaked Supreme Court judgment will require Christian physicians to perform abortions even if they had religious objections.

Several religious freedom experts cautioned that if the Protecting Women’s Health Act passes the Senate and is signed into law, it will have a negative impact on Christian medical professionals who oppose abortion.

In principle, according to Charlotte Lozier Institute associate researcher Richard M. Doerflinger, federal law protects the conscience rights of doctors and nurses who have moral objections to abortion.

According to Doerflinger, the Biden administration abolished the HHS Office of Civil Rights section that had implemented such statutes. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which permits persecuted parties to go to court to protect their own rights, is the only surviving statute that is not subject to the Administration’s whims, and the Women’s Health Protection Act will negate that Act as it pertains to abortion.

The WHPA’s demand that all states increase access to elective abortions would encompass Christian doctors and nurses. The Obamacare statute that exempted religious organizations and religious health care professionals from having to pay for contraception and abortifacients would not exclude them from performing and referring for even late-term abortions.

According to Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action, the pro-abortion movement will stop at nothing to get their way, even if it involves committing violence or violating on Americans’ religious rights, as seen by the attacks on churchgoers and Catholic justices.

The Protecting Women’s Health Act was approved by the House on a bipartisan basis before failing in the Senate earlier this Congress.

However, in the aftermath of the Supreme Court leak, Democrats have increased their campaign for the law.

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