/Hillary Clinton Can’t Stop Lying About Her Emails

Hillary Clinton Can’t Stop Lying About Her Emails

According to Hillary, Comey misspoke regarding her top-secret emails. The former FBI director could have had a change of heart after leaving office. Comey never told lies. Hillary was exonerated in July 2016 after Comey painstakingly documented her infractions of the rules governing the use of sensitive material, claiming that the FBI couldn’t establish her intent. He noted that Clinton was careless with important information. Comey most certainly did not accuse Hillary in order to shield the future president from liability.

No proof has ever discredited or debunked this. Comey and other Justice Department personnel never said that Hillary’s server had “0” sensitive emails on it. While Hillary and her team may not have “systematically” used the server to transmit sensitive material, a 2019 State Department study found that they were involved in 600 security infractions, including contact with political hackers like Sidney Blumenthal.

The claim made by supporters of Clinton that she cooperated with investigators is false. In March 2015, Clinton asserted that she “never sent or received classified material.” In September 2016, Hillary told reporters that the email scandal was “another conspiracy theory” as her team worked to destroy evidence. No idea of “cooperation” involves erasing 30,000 emails using BleachBit and breaking mobile phones with hammers, according to Comey, who said that Hillary’s team “cleaned their devices to prevent complete forensic recovery.”

Even in 2018, Comey maintained that the emails from Clinton’s server did not constitute willful criminal activity, acknowledging that he could have done more to make that point clear. He never contested the FBI’s determination that the emails were secret, though. That’s noteworthy given the bias of the FBI.

The letter, according to Krugman and others, manipulated the 2016 election. The FBI letter would not have been sent if Hillary had used her customary shady methods or had admitted her guilt sooner. Comey had a moral and legal duty to alert Congress if any new information surfaced.

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