/Texas Substitute Teacher Fired After Using Racial Slur In Classroom

Texas Substitute Teacher Fired After Using Racial Slur In Classroom

After uttering the n-word in a classroom at Swift Elementary School in Arlington, a Texas substitute teacher was fired.

One parent claims that her kid informed her what had happened when he returned home from school on Friday.

“’They had a substitute today, and guess what he said?’ And I said, ‘Well, what did he say?’ “Well, he said n——-’ And I said, ‘What?!’” the mother told reporters.

The incident astonished the pupils in the class as well.

One kid, appalled by the teacher’s use of the racist epithet, screamed, “Oh my God,”

Because he considered it was the same as using the n-word, the replacement instructor chastised the kid for taking Jesus’ name in vain. One of the teachers in the corridor heard a commotion coming from the classroom and went in to investigate what was going on.

She approached the teacher after dealing with the pupils, who allegedly felt no guilt for what he had said.

“Yes, I said the n-word, and I’ll say it again,” the now-unemployed instructor said.

The Arlington school system launched an inquiry after receiving a complaint from a parent who noted the instructor was still working on Monday after the incident.

“Inappropriate language was used, and the substitute was terminated,” the district said in a statement. “The district does not condone the use of any offensive, derogatory, or inappropriate language in educational learning environments.”

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